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Super Sunday 1Kg Steak Canadians

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A top rump steak sliced wafer thin extreamly tender and flavoursome, perfect for quick, deliciously tasty and hot steak sandwiches.

Cooking Instructions

  1. Lightly season your steak with both Salt and Pepper. You don’t want to over do the seasoning because it’s such a thin cut. 
  2. Place a heavy pan or skillet over a medium high temperature and add a table spoon of olive oil 
  3. Place minute steak on the pan 
  4. Cook on one side for 1 minutes 
  5. Flip the minute steak over and cook other side for another 1 minutes until both sides are browned 
  6. Remove the steak and add two 1 cm cubes of butter to the pan and mix with steak remains to form a juice 
  7. Let the minute steaks rest on one side for 4 minutes 
  8. Drizzle juices over steaks and serve!