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The Begining

Phil Bennett started working as a 'Saturday Lad' on the famous butchers row in Leeds market at the age of 12 to make a bit of pocket money. Unknown at that time he discovered his passion for butchery. Not much of an academic he left school at the age of thirteen to follow his calling and started to work full time along side some of the best butchers in the area. and he’s never looked back.

Under the expert tution of who many in Leeds say was the best butcher they had ever seen Eddie Broadbent, Phil spent the following years mastering his chosen trade under the ever critical, expert eye of Eddie. Starting from the bottom and slowly learning how to break down different species into primals & eventually into the finished product Phil has always had a keen eye for detail to produce the best product.

The knowledge learnt from Eddie gave him the confidence and blesing of Eddie in 2001 to purchase the business from Eddie who was retiring and move the shop away from the traditional Butchers Row a move that shocked other butchers on the row but proved to be a stroke of genius as the shop went from strength to strength offering customers real value for money on quality meat.

The now Mayor of Leeds Bob Gettings M.B.E. opened Phil's first shop & all his subsequent premises. Bob was proud of Phil’s achievement after leaving school so young and they still remain friends now.

A Vision

Over the following years Phil wanted to spread his message of quality meat at reasonable prices to the masses. He embarked on a journey setting up another five shops within West Yorkshire in a short space of time using his experience and contacts to provide quality meat at affordable prices.

The market trader has never left Phil and he is constantly speaking to meat suppliers & visiting cattle auctions to bring his customers the best deals available.

Phil admits he is nothing without the great team behind him and has amased some of the best butchers in the region to work along side him managing his shops. All have been brought up in the same environment as he was, with the same traditional values and skill of true nose to tail butchery.

The Future

As the Covid-19 Pandemic struck Phil was quick to react, and within days he launched an online food delivery service, he quickly found a gap in the market for online delivery of meat, or as he calls it
'Your Local Butcher Nationwide'.
Within a matters of hours he was delivering meat Nationwide to families effected by the lockdown. As time progressed his reputation for delivering 'Champagne quality at lemonade prices' grew and unlike other online butchers who sprung up during the pandemic Phil again went a different direction and instead of offering generic meat hampers to customers he brought the butchers shop to your door with the launch of Super Sunday, an online weekly sale using his buying experience providing some amazing bargains on a wide variety of products on a first come first served basis.

During this period he has attracted a lot of publicity and has attracted an enviable portfolio of high profile customers who have acknowledged Phil's skills as a quality butcher and also due to his personallity a friend, something that isn't reserved just for celebrities as he has gained many personal friends across the Nation.

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