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Shred Carnivore Pack

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Experience the ultimate meat feast with our Carnivore Pack. Packed with high-quality, fatty cuts of meat, it's the perfect choice for those following the Carnivore Diet. Satisfy your cravings and fuel your body with the best protein sources, while staying on track with your diet goals. Designed by Shred Lifestyle

Consiting of:
x4 Slices Of Belly Pork
x4 300g Ribeye Steaks
x5 Lamb Steaks
x4 Chicken Breasts
454g Pork Sausage
500g Streaky Bacon
x2 Tomahawk Pork Chops
x4 Pork Steaks
x4 B12 Steak Burgers
454g 70/30 Steak Mince